New Email Subscription Service

Credit: ENGGtalks Ecological Gardening has switched from Feedburner to . This is because Google has decided to let the email subscription portion of Feedburner lapse in July. Fortunately, I was able to make the switch in timely fashion and import my subscribers, who will get my posts with no interruptions. offers subscribers a choice of delivery options besides straight email, which I think is pretty cool.    New subscribers are always welcome! So if you like my posts, please do subscribe. Since this is a slow blog—not to say glacial—I promise you absolutely will not be inundated with emails. 

A New Domain

I have switched to a new URL: While the posts and other functions (except blogroll) have transitioned, the folks at Google say it will take a couple of days for old comments to show up. New comments work just fine. (Just in case you're wondering why a comment made yesterday doesn't appear.)

Update: comments have now appeared, but still waiting on blogroll.